The feature set for SR5 has been locked in for some time and it is now tested and production ready. A number of agencies have begun upgrading their MINCOR to SR5. As part of the upgrade process we work with the department to configure each item to meet their needs. This can include "turning off" a new feature should it be counter-intuitive to departmental processes.

Below is a list of the updates made to MINCOR as part of SR5.

Improvements in the user experience

  • Navigation Menus – This will allow users to navigate more effectively between key functions. For example, it provides them access to search while any tracking item is open.
  • Information Views – On the right hand side of a MINCOR item there are information views that allow fast access to Attachments, Related items and Recently Opened items.
  • Search – From search you can now open up multiple items at once. These will be opened in new tabs or new windows depending on your browser setting.
  • Template Handling – Auto attachment is far more consistent and all the available word properties can be auto-added into a word template.
  • User Administration – Fast, type as you go searches can be performed on user name or email.
  • Free Text Search Syntax – More closely approximates Google's syntax and you no longer need to put quotes around a multi word search phrase.
  • List Paging – Very large lists that result from searches on items, clients and users are better managed.
  • Worklists – Officers with multiple roles now have access to each of the Worklists for each of their roles.

Functional Improvements

  • Access Log – A log accessible by administrators which records all access, views, document views and edits.
  • Administration Filtering – Large volume administration lists can be filtered, to remove old inactive entries
  • Externally Hosted Operation – MINCOR now operates with full functionality in externally hosted environments (cloud).
  • MINCOR Address Book Handling – This is intended to support the new organisational structures. It includes a new MINCOR managed Address book and the XML GAL, which is also used by the MINCOR security module. The new GAL will allow MINCOR to show more filtered data, i.e. only the EC's for a division. It can also show organisational information, i.e. the default division.
  • More Efficient Review officer Allocation – All three review officers may now be entered simultaneously.

Administration Controls

Document configuration, application configuration and BTM administration forms allow more options to be controlled without the need for a new MINCOR release. Among the things an Administrator can now control:

  • Control what roles perform what operations on attachments,
  • Turn operations on and off,
  • Control email notifications,
  • Control what roles create what items,
  • Assign certain defaults,
  • Turn the process guide off and on,
  • Turn on new options for quality checking,
  • Use new options for early stage item creation and bypassing EMG.

Technology Platforms

The support for operating environments continues to keep pace with Microsoft's N-1 strategy. In some instances we support older versions of IT infrastructure. MINCOR SR5 supports the following environmental components – Office 2010, SQL & Windows Server 2008 R2, Internet Explorer 9 & 10 (compatibility mode), Chrome and FireFox.

Defect Fixes

  • 40 defects have been addressed in this upgrade.

Modules you may not know about

  • Custom Fields – Add you own fields (text, drop down lists etc) to MINCOR and be able to search and report on them.
  • Scanning – Integrate with Multi-function devices to automatically create MINCOR items and attach the scanned documents as attachments.
  • Email Scanning – Integrate with email to automatically receive formatted emails and create MINCOR items and attach the scanned documents as attachments. Useful for integrating with your corporate web site.
  • Barcoding – Add predefined barcodes to electronic documents that will be printed and may be later scanned after signature. MINCOR will recognise the scanned document via the barcode and automatically update the latest version of the document with the new scanned image.
  • Call Register – Provides a very direct and minimal data entry option to record and process important telephone phone events.
  • Electronic Signatures – Add electronic signature images managed by MINCOR to the electronic response document after final approval.
  • PDF Conversion – At finalisation convert attachments to PDF as the final revision.
  • Delegated Trust SRMS – Allows the current users security clearance to be delegated to other users in the processing chain for an item, where these users would not normally have clearance to the item.

New Modules IN SR5

  • Organisational Entity – A single MINCOR system can be used by multiple departments. The organisational entity module allows a range of administration data to be separated per group and assists with limiting the visibility of information between the groups.
  • SharePoint Integration – This module allows information from MINCOR to be presented in your SharePoint site. Normal SharePoint lists and views can be configured by the user and the module supports searching from SharePoint.
  • TRIM Security – The DMI module for TRIM now allows SRMS security and organisational entity security attributes to be synchronised with TRIM.

Please contact your account manager now if you wish to implement this functionality.