Correspondence Tracking

MINCOR provides organisations with automated work delivery, escalation and management, enabling timely quality responses to correspondence. MINCOR is the only ministerial correspondence tracking solution continually built and enhanced in conjunction with government correspondence management professionals around Australia. A Commercial-off-the-Shelf (COTS) solution, MINCOR can be used “out of the box” or customised to provide an enhanced platform meeting any organisations’ requirements. This allows organisations to configure MINCOR to their exact requirements.

MINCOR builds on the heritage of Bay's COTS products with enhanced performance and scalability, it manages all organisational correspondence. Personalised and expanded views further improve information visibility across the organisation.

MINCOR Overview

MINCOR is an enterprise correspondence tracking solution focusing on:
  • The automated delivery and escalation of work – proactive rather than reactive,
  • A demonstrable, repeatable, quality process,
  • Centralised, secure data and document storage,
  • A consistent yet flexible way of managing work load,
  • Comprehensive searching and record keeping,
  • Timely communication with clients, staff and other stakeholders.

The flexible and secure nature of MINCOR means it can be used to manage high level processes associated with:

  • Ministerial correspondence,
  • Cabinet and confidential documents,
  • Executive (DG, Secretary) correspondence,
  • Divisional executive (entirely within a business division) correspondence,
  • User customised correspondence (Complaints, FOI, budgeting, expense submissions).

MINCOR provides end-to-end management of all correspondence and ensures issues do not "slip between the cracks".

MINCOR Screenshot 1


MINCOR's extensive functionality is aimed at providing a simple system with visibility, guidance and accountability across all users and processes.

  • Systematically records and manages all correspondence,
  • Multiple document-based workflows supported;
    • Solicited Correspondence,
    • Unsolicited Correspondence,
    • Information Only,
    • Response Within Division.
  • Tracks and reports on due dates for all actions taken,
  • Tracks relationships between clients and correspondence,
  • Document control – in place editing, versioning, check out and integration with EDRMS,
  • Records a complete unalterable audit log,
  • Due date escalation,
  • Manages quality checks and approvals,
  • Pushes work to people,
  • Manages cross organisation transfers,
  • Mirrors organisational structure,
  • Records all information related to each piece of correspondence, in one place,
  • Support management of work;
    • Management overseeing work under their authority.
    • Visibility of resources under their supervision.

Some of the technical features of MINCOR include:

  • Browser based client,
  • Supports role based security,
  • Microsoft SQL Server supported,
  • Rules engine enforces a repeatable, accountable process,
  • Ad-hoc reports produced through Management Report Builder,
  • Separate database for clients and their relationships,
  • Google-like search functionality,
  • Integrates with EDRMS, e.g. TRIM, Open Text, Sharepoint, Recordpoint
  • Easy to use, non-technical interface.



    The Types of Correspondence MINCOR Handles

    Government agencies use MINCOR to track all manner of departmental correspondence, including:

    Ministerial Correspondence, Executive Correspondence, General Correspondence, Secretarial Correspondence, Inward and Outward Bound Campaigns, Question Time Briefs, Possible Parliamentary Questions, Ministerial Submissions, Questions on Notice, Briefs for Meeting and Speaking Notes.