For over 10 years Bay Technologies has been refining its approach to producing high quality COTS products. This refinement has helped Bay to become the leading provider in a number of Governance, Compliance and Regulatory domains. The result of this has been the evolution of a number of products that today forms Bay’s Compliance Suite.

“Solutions precisely tailored to the customer’s specific business needs, delivered on a robust and continuously upgraded product platform.”

Staff using MINCOR are presented with a simple to use, web browser based interface providing a directed view of correspondence work requiring attention. Staff are assigned roles in a work group and their views of tracking items are based on these roles. Correspondence tracking items present a range of actions and functions based on the users’ assigned role, presenting a consistent and concise set of operations. A broad range of functions are available to staff during the process.

CIRAM is a complete Regulatory Management system in use by state government agencies around Australia. The core components of CIRAM comprise a case management framework, entities, document management and business process workflow. Applied across these modules is a role and security layer to ensure data integrity and security. All items in CIRAM are a case, that is, Applications, Incidents, etc. are cases. All cases link with one or more entities, which are people, companies, places or other things such as vehicles, licences and property.