December 2009 - Bay is delighted to announce the Western Australian Departments of Attorney General and Corrective Services (DOTAG/DCS) have selected MINCOR, Bay's COTS (Commercial Off the Shelf) software as their ideal Ministerial Tracking System, to replace their current unsupported system.

DOTAG/DCS have recently undergone a Machinery of Government (MOG) change, which saw the Department of Justice divide into the two separate units.

DOTAG/DCS's choice of MINCOR as the replacement Ministerial Tracking System will mean the departments are able to run separate, identical instances of MINCOR to track the different correspondence processes for each department, and also enabling detailed performance monitoring to be matched to internal key performance indicators.

Bay Technologies' CEO Mark Pickering said this new contract confirms the company's position as Australia's leading provider of Ministerial Correspondence Tracking and Reporting Systems for Government Agencies.
Bay looks forward to not only a successful implementation project with DOTAG/DCS but also working closely in partnership with the two departments in the future.